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Medical Marijuana Caregivers

Medical marijuana caregivers are people who specialize in evaluating and recommending a medical marijuana. Medical marijuana caregivers can be family or friends who are the primary caregiver for the patient in question.  Medical marijuana caregivers may also help patients go through the entire process of obtaining medical marijuana certification.

Medical marijuana caregivers determine the dose to use and ensure the proper administration of marijuana to the patients that are under their care.

Becoming Medical marijuana caregivers may be a career opportunity for people. Recently we read about some organizations that are holding classes for those who may be interested in becoming Medical marijuana caregivers.  People seeking to become Medical marijuana caregivers are taught how to grow plants and also how to market themselves as Medical marijuana caregivers. This may be a good career for retired people or people who’ve been displaced from their jobs due to the economic downturn.

Medical marijuana caregivers must be 21 years old and cannot be convicted of any drug related crime. However there are no certification requirements for Medical marijuana caregivers. Medical marijuana caregivers are generally chosen by patients and can make a lot of money. Most Medical marijuana caregivers can take on up to five patients at one time as their clients.

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